Imagine you are here, in love with your life.

Imagine you are here, flourishing 

in your potential.

Now let the actualization begin.


A Gateway between Earth (Gaia) and Sky (Akasha)

for Self Actualization and Attunement

Welcome, and meet Cathy Selene Kay. With her roots in Eastern Philosophy and early cultivation in the professional Creative and Holistic Healing Arts, Cathy has acquired extensive experience working 1-to-1 with thousands of clients across diverse communities. 


Her compassion, clarity and intuition connects people to their highest perspective, allowing new vision and space for personal freedom. 

Read more about Cathy, her approach and the inspiration behind Gaiakasha.


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"Knocks it out of the park every time - a pure channel - effortlessly lets the wisdom flow, transcends the human resistance, helps you to see beyond the constructs of your mind and shift your perspective to what part your sub-conscious is really playing in your world. Many sessions with Cathy and all just wonderful. I am quite intuitive myself so have a high standard too. She certainly goes above and beyond that standard." ~Leanne


"It wasn't easy for me to get rid of my automatic negative thinking. But Cathy is so patient. Her optimism combined with her profound intelligence allows her to solve any problem I give her. I have never had that much confidence in anybody to help me solve my problems, but she can in one session! She will truly blow your mind." ~Chantel